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Is Sleeping in a Car Seat Safe

Is sleeping in a baby car seat safe?

There are two issues concerning children sleeping in the car - Protecting their access to oxygen, and adequate protection during a crash. Seat belts and car seats mitigate impact, but when kids fall asleep in the car, they may change the way they sit, increasing risk of injury.

Avoid moving young children into a booster seat as long as possible, because a car seat keeps their heads and necks in place better. Once children are old enough to go without a car seat, discourage them from shifting the seat belt for sleep.

If you are headed to a place where your children can sleep very soon, try to discourage them from falling asleep in the car. Sing songs or offer a book to distract them. This promotes better sleep routines at home.

Is it safe? The truth is that sleeping in a car seat can be safe, but you have to choose the right car seat arrangement, while preserving a solid sleep routine.

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