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The PENTIUM B50 has a high starting point, high performance and high quality. On September 12, 2013, the PENTIUM B50 has become the first choice for a comfortable life with 40 new changes: new appearance, new interior, new impetus, etc. As a veteran car baby car seat, of course.

What kind of safety seat is PENTIUM B50

The series has an ISOFIX interface, so there is a greater choice in choosing and installing baby safety seats. Select seats with ISOIX interface will be more convenient to install and rigid link security performance is higher, but it doesn't matter if you don't take baby safety seat interface, can be directly using the three-point seatbelt is fixed on the car. If there are more family outings, you can opt for a smaller baby seat so adults can sit in the back without looking so crowded. The basic configuration of PENTIUM B50

The PENTIUM B50 is upgraded through configuration to further enhance security and comfort. The new PENTIUM B50 new curved auxiliary lighting system can automatically control the corner light (front fog lamp) according to the driving condition and the change of vehicle status. In addition, the newly added passenger seat belts are not reminded, the seats are protected from whipping, the all-vehicle stealth airbag, the central control lock, and the safety equipment such as the horizontal adjustment of the headlights. In terms of comfort, the new PENTIUM B50 continues to optimize the vibration noise control, which is optimized in various fields such as noise, uniform speed and vibration noise, so as to improve the tranquility of the interior space. At the same time, the new PENTIUM B50 is equipped with sound system configuration, such as new AUX interface, and USB to form two external audio source playback functions, providing users with more choices. In addition, the newly equipped independent whole point array (TN) screen allows the audio information, air conditioning information and bluetooth status information to be displayed on the screen.

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