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GEELY YUANJING SUV, which was launched on August 28, has six models that offer 1.8l and 1.3t of power, with a price range of 7.49-10.19 million. For most consumers, the SUV of the 8-100,000 RMB price range has been the focus of their attention. How to choose the baby car seat of the GEELY YUANJING SUV?

GEELY YUANJING SUV is still a family-owned face design, with good interior texture, ample space, good configuration and tepid performance, but it is enough to use as a family car. When it comes to family mobility, children can't help but configure their car seats.

1. The safety seat interface of the GEELY YUANJING SUV children's car

A friend who knows well should know that since 2013, most cars have been equipped with an ISOFIX interface. Our the GEELY YUANJING SUV is no exception, with two sets of international general ISOFIX interface, which located in the rear door on both sides of the seat down to the bottom of the back of a chair, looking for can be found, some seats have obvious ISOFIX logo. The hard link method of ISOFIX makes the installation of the car seat of children safe and reliable, easy to install, and easy to make mistakes.

2. Installation of safety seat for children with GEELY YUANJING SUV

There are two fixed methods for car safety seat installation of GEELY YUANJING children: seat belt fixed and ISOFIX interface fixed. Some baby baskets have no ISOFIX interface, so you can only use a seatbelt fixation. If there is an ISOFIX interface, it is recommended that the seat belt be used in combination with ISOFIX so that it is safe. It is worth mentioning that children under the age of 1 should adopt the anti-direction installation in the safety seat of children's car.

3. Safety features of GEELY YUANJING

GEELY YUANJING new tie all standard ESP body stabilization system, HHC, HDC steep slow down hill auxiliary system control system, the brake assist, RMI rollover prevention system, reversing image, airbags, engine electronic guard against theft, and driving the car central lock, security keys, etc.

The above is the introduction to the safety seat of the children's car safety seat in the children's car safety seat in the children's car, and the car owner can use it! Child safety seat please select the shellfish soft armor child safety seat!

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