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Some car friends feel that HAVAL H6 is too good, H9 and H8 are hard to use as a household, then the medium-sized H7 is just right. CHANGCHENG has been in the SUV camp of the HAVAL series to have medium-sized this gap, this body size close to HANLANDA's SUV new product H7 to be listed not long, sales are soaring. What kind of baby car seat for a new SUV?

1. HAVAL H6 children's car safety seat interface

The hover H7 has two sets of ISOFIX child seat interface, ISOFIX below the interface is located in the rear seat backrest and the seat will have obvious logo, hid metal hook is somehow cushion ISOFIX interface. The ISOFIX interface makes the installation of children's seats fast and simple, rigid and secure.

2. The installation of safe seat for children in HAVAL H6

HAVAL H6 supports two kinds of fixed methods for children's seats and fixed methods: the first one is seat belt fixation. The second is the ISOFIX interface (back and seat).

There are usually fixed methods: (individual child seats, for example, a child's chair without a pedestal without an ISOFIX interface), 1+ 2, which is used by ISOFIX.

3. Safety configuration of H7

HAVAL H7 standard is equipped with high lamp height adjustment, home light time delay, steering wheel adjustment, double airbag, rear air conditioning outlet, etc.

In the high-end models also have cruise control system, intelligent voice GPS navigation system, intelligent control and side airbags and front and rear wiper and lighting one-piece side safety gas curtain, ESP electronic stability system and tire pressure monitoring system and other intelligence and facilitation configuration.

The above is the introduction to the safety seat interface of the children's car in the Biuco children's safety seat, and the car owners who need it are recommended to use the Biuco soft armor series children's safety seat.

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