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BUICK ENVISION listed is tailored for the Chinese market, at the beginning of the big size space, small displacement turbocharged, rich configuration and comfortable texture and good driving vehicle stability are made for its won a good reputation in the domestic market. Today we're going to talk about how to install the BUICK ENVISION baby car seat.

1.     BUICK ENVISION children car safety seat interface

Buick enclave with ISOFIX and LATCH two child seat interface, compatible with ISOFIX and LATCH two fixed way, the child safety seat ISOFIX below the interface is located in the rear seat backrest and seat will have small round plastic logo, the relation among cushion metal hook is ISOFIX interface is hidden, seat headrest above the LATCH interface, is suitable for the fixed seat LATCH interface.

2.     The location of the BUICK ENVISION children's safety seat

Generally speaking, when you choose a child safety seat with the appropriate interface, it is usually installed in the back of the car door near the side door. Since the middle seat is usually two-point fixed, it is not recommended to be installed in the middle. Is important to note that absolutely do not install the child safety seat in the co-pilot position, or when the car hit, pop-up airbags might harm the baby, but also the safety of the co-pilot position itself is lower, so the child car seat is not suitable for installation.

Below, we will talk about the safety seat installation method of the ISOFIX interface in BUICK ENVISION.

a. Find the interface,

Open the seat gap with your hand and find the interface

b. Insert the clasp

Fasten the child seat card to the interface and fix it

c. Seat fixation

Insert the seat pin into the buckle and hear "click" to indicate that it has been fixed successfully

3.. The security configuration of BUICK ENVISION

The BUICK ENVISION is configured to be safe and practical in a rich setting. You can see that even the standard version of the security configuration is equipped with tire pressure monitoring and ramp support system. Such as intelligent interconnection system, all-led lighting, etc., is a very popular selling point.

The above is the introduction to the safety seat installation of the BUICK ENVISION children's car, which can be referenced by the owners who need it! Buicks 'cove car option for children's safety seats must be selected for the safety seat of the soft armor child.

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