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About Pentium X80, how to choose and install the baby car seat

Pentium X80 based on M1 platform to build, in what is now the independent brand SUV, whether design or technical configuration, in the car at the same level is not outstanding. But the Pentium X80 is not willing to mediocrity, change through the middle. New car in exterior, interior, configuration, etc have done innovation and upgrading, the performance-to-price ratio is greatly increased. BIUCO child safety seat small make up today is to introduce you to change after the Pentium X80 baby car seat interface knowledge.

1.     Pentium X80 child safety seats interface

Pentium X80 solely with LATCH interface, compatible with ISOFIX interface, child safety seat in the market will be able to install and use in 508. Interface to the bottom of the two anchors in seat seam, the top anchor behind the head, the car logo, it's easy to find.

2.     the Pentium X80 child safety seat installation location

Generally speaking, after selecting the appropriate interface of child safety seat, are usually installed in the rear seats near the door on both sides. Because in the middle of the fixed seat is generally two points, and generally have no interface, so the installation is not recommended in the middle. Is important to note that absolutely do not install the child safety seat in the co-pilot position, or when the car hit, pop-up airbags might harm the baby, but also the safety of the co-pilot position itself is lower, so the child car seat is not suitable for installation.

3.      Pentium X80 new configuration

In order to increase the product competitiveness, new car in the adjustment of interior design at the same time, also made some additions and deletions to the configuration.

 One feature:

a.      the whole system increase the engine protection plate, single muffler, low rolling resistance tires.

b,   the whole system increase tire pressure alarm.

c.   all low rolling resistance tires.

Above is with the introduction of the Pentium X80 child safety seat interface installation, hope to help everyone, can be used for reference in the car owner in need! The owner, please choose and buy a car YUTONG BIUCO soft armor child safety seats.

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