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Introduction to the installation and use of baby car seat in Honda Ling

Introduction to the installation and use of baby car seat  in Honda Ling.

Ling Pai is a new strategy of Guangzhou Automobile Honda mid-size car, as the second pillar after the Accord after the brand. The CRIDER R & D team, composed of both China and Japan, visited China's major north-south, and finally inspired by a dragon wall in Shanghai Yuyuan Garden, which clarified the design concept of the Chinese dragon. Ling Fu's design combines the modern power of aesthetics and the ancient Chinese totem "dragon" elements. Its dignity, the atmosphere and even domineering, very shocking sense of the design style, perfect fit Chinese consumers aesthetic, is designed specifically for Chinese consumers tailor-made products. Many owners for the Ling to send children's car safety seat interface is not very understanding, the following babo children's safety chair Xiaobian to make a simple introduction for everyone.

one. Honda Ling sent a child car safety seat installation

In general, the purchase of a suitable interface for children's safety seats, the general is installed in the rear near the door on both sides of the location. Because the middle seat is generally two-point fixed, it is not recommended to install in the middle. It should be noted that the child's safety seat should not be installed in the co-pilot position, or when the vehicle was hit, the pop-up airbag may be stabbed baby, and the general driver in the face of the crisis, the general subconscious guarantee Their own safety, coupled with the right side of the blind area is relatively large, so the co-pilot's own position is relatively low security, it is not suitable for the installation of children's car safety seats.

two. Honda Ling sent the child seat interface

Honda Fit is equipped with two sets of ISOFIX child seat interface, the SOFIX interface is located in the rear seat under the back of the seat, the seat will have a small circular plastic logo, sitting around the middle of the metal hook is a metal interface is ISOFIX interface. The benefit of ISOFIX is that any ISOFIX child seats you buy are suitable for your car, and you can simply insert it into the child's seat interface and greatly improve the safety of the child.

three. Honda Ling sent the relevant security configuration

Honda Fit is equipped with front double airbags, front side airbags (with OPDS crew sitting perception system), rear child safety door locks, the whole car three-point seat belts and so on. Children's safety seats are recommended to use the shellfish soft armor for children's safety seats, safer and higher-level protection for child safety seats.

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