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baby car seat low rate of use of enterprises who are also responsible

baby car seat  low rate of use of enterprises who are also responsible.

Recently, the Beikeke children's safety seat market researcher interviewed by the streets in the form of a random interview with 50 Changzhou citizens, through the investigation Xiao Bian found that only 50 of these 50 people to buy a child car safety seat, and this One of the two also because of their own baby do not like to sit and the children's safety seats idle. Even if the scope extended to the country, the situation is not optimistic. So, what is the result in the low utilization rate of children's car seats in China?

With regard to the use of children's safety seats in China, the authoritative data show that the national utilization rate is less than 5%. This is in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places after the mandatory use of legislation to change after the figures, before the use rate can be used to "negligible" to describe.

There are many reasons for this situation, the first is the lack of safety awareness of parents. They always think that the child on the co-pilot, or parents can hold it. I do not know that in the event of an emergency, the baby will be thrown out like a bullet, the impact of this process is not an adult can bear. There are some parents that the car as well as with a seat belt, an airbag, as well as children lock, why should children more safety seats? This was specially tested, put a height, physical equivalent of 5-year-old Asian children's dummy in the vehicle for crash test, with a seat belt fixed dummy neck was Le deformation, and sitting in the co-pilot People are populated by the airbag wounded the head. It can be seen that the original protective measures on the car does not apply to children at all.

Now, with several cities across the country legislation, people pay more attention to children's safety seats, but there are many people in the choice of the market when the quality of good and bad, the brand of a wide variety of products to see the eyes, The or finally read a lot of Raiders, pick their own satisfaction with the seat, the results do not like to sit baby, thousands of dollars to buy things can only put the family ash. The face of these two cases, not just the consumer's problem, the relevant enterprises have some responsibility. Now the pace of life is too fast, we all like to have the standard to follow, efficient and convenient products, then the enterprise in the design and production, how to take these considerations, it is to further improve the child's safety seat utilization of a breakthrough The

Caring for children is safe and can not be a slogan on the surface. Whether children's safety seats or children's safety seats, consumers should be safe to implement the protection of children, for the future of our country to escort. For the purchase of children's safety seats must choose a regular manufacturer of manufacturing, through the national mandatory certification 3C certification, Bayco soft armor child safety seat is a higher level of safety seats.

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